One-Stop Service

One company, where the assembly worker and machine worker
can work closely and personally with CAD designer with feedback
for improvement, and vice versa.
We specialise in many areas - from injection molding to
printed circuit board design and manufacture.


Problem Solving

Through detailed analysis, our expert team will help solve your problems while bringing your product idea to its full potential.


Concept Design & Development

Our CAD specialists ensure an extremely high level of accuracy while also carrying out extensive analysis on the product's functionality.


Product Perfection

Your product is then examined under scrutiny to ensure high accuracy and that it meets all of its requirements.

Product Development Process

Idea Realisation

Zenoz work alongside you to create the perfect solution to satisfy your company needs. Innovation and creativity allow for practical solutions.

CAD Work

Concept sketches are quickly produced, along with 3D representations, of the product prototype.

CFD Simulations, Stress & Interference Testing

Extensive digital and physical testing is carried out to ensure your product satisfies its requirements while being as efficient as possible.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes can then be quickly and accurately produced in an array of materials from a practical to luxury finish using a variety of professional machining techniques.

Small-Medium Batch Manufacturing & Certification

When satisfied with the product, we carry out small-medium batch manufacturing to ensure that you receive the quantity sought. Zenoz can also ensure the product meets the requirements for a standard CE rating.


Zenoz also offers services in the area of design, packaging and branding to ensure your product's presentation is second to none.

Injection Molding

We also specialise in high-quality custom plastic injection molding and mold tool making. Plastic injection molding is by far the industry’s most common way to manufacture plastic parts, especially when making larger quantities. We provide custom molding for 50 to 100,000+ injection molded parts as well as a wide range of other manufacturing and finishing services to complete your project.With thousand of different types of plastics available for a range of mechanical and cosmetic properties, the choice is almost endless.When producing plastic parts, a variety of polymers are available including thermoforming plastics, thermosets and some elastomers. Mold tools and the plastic injection molding process are both carefully engineered to match the unique requirements of each material in order to produce the highest quality finished parts. Thermoforming plastics are relatively softer, more flexible, less durable and easily recycled whereas thermosetting plastics are more rigid, durable and expensive and cannot be repaired or recycled once formed.

Machining Services

3,4 & 5 Axis Machining

Laser & Plasma Cutting

Lathe/Sub-spindle Turning

EDM Machining

Laser Sintering

3D Printing

Electronic Design Services

PCB Design

Micro-controller Development

FPGA Programming


Thermal Analysis



The technolgies that can be integrated include:

Low-Power Sensors
OLED & LCD Displays
Battery Management Systems
Energy Harvesting

Consultancy Services & CE Marking

We offer assesments and reports on the following as well as CE Ratings for your new and existing products.

    ISO Management Systems

    ISO Certification is a seal of approval from an external body whereby a company complies to one of the International Recognised ISO Management Systems. An ISO Management Systems will help your business increase it’s quality performance, become more competitive and prove that the business is run efficiently.

    We can help your business achieve the following ISO International Standards:

    - ISO 9001 | Quality Management
    - ISO 14001 | Environmental Management
    - ISO 50001 | Energy Management
    - ISO 14064 | Carbon Management
    - BS OHSAS 18001 | Health & Safety

    Benefits of ISO standards include:

    - improving the quality of your goods and services
    - driving growth, cutting costs and increasing profits
    - giving your business a competitive edge
    - opening up export markets for your goods and Services
    - enhancing your credibility and securing customer confidence
    - sharpening your business processes and increasing efficiency

    Life Cycle Assesments

    Businesses can benefit from Life Cycle Assessments by reducing their energy and waste costs for processes and products. It implies that everyone in the whole chain of a product’s life cycle, from cradle to grave, has a responsibility and a role to play. By integrating the life cycle perspective in overall management and bringing product and process development in a more sustainable direction for increased savings.

    By integrating the life cycle perspective in overall management and bringing product and process development in a more sustainable direction, the business can harvest the benefits of environmental, occupational health and safety, risk and quality management, as well as developing and applying cleaner process and product options. Incorporating life cycle and sustainability management will improve image and brand value for both world market players as well as smaller suppliers and producers.

    Environmental Impact Assesments

    An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a procedure that identifies the potential impacts upon the environment involved in the undertaking of new developments and the subsequent changing of the natural environmental system. Environmental Impact Assessments is the method used for predicting potential impacts on the environment as a result of development. The Environmental Impact Statement is the integral document formulated as a result of the EIA process.

    This includes

    - Screening
    - Scoping
    - Producing EIS (Environmental Impact Statements)

    CE Marking

    ZENOZ will also ensure your product satisfies all regulations necessary to be CE marked.
    The following can be carried out:
    - CE Marking of Machinery
    - CE Marking of Pressure Equipment
    - CE Marking of Construction Equipment
    - CE Marking of Medical Devices

    Strategic Sustainability

    Sustainability is essentially about using less water, energy and raw materials to manufacture a product or provide a service. In every business, steps can be taken to address specific areas of a process, and to identify opportunities to prevent waste and save money.

    This includes

    - SME Energy Management Consultants - Energy Audits
    - Energy Audits - Large Irish Businesses - SI 426
    - Energy Audits - Large UK Businesses - ESOS